Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AARON/MARIE at Under The Radar (INCOMING!) and other events

Photo by Bailey Carr,

Hello there world—

We are here to happily announce that we will be perfoming AARON/MARIE, in a full version, for the first time, at The Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival 2015.  We are part of the INCOMING! portion, and will perform the show twice on Saturday January 10th, at 5:30pm and at 10pm.  Our performances specifically are at La Mama, which is a dream.

It will have a beginning, middle, and end.  A full arc.  The whole shebang.  Not a showing of pieces in progress.  Hurrah!

The line up for the rest of the festival and the rest of the INCOMING! portion is super exciting, you should look through all of it.

You can check out our page on the beautiful festival website here, and starting November 20th you can (and should soon) get your tickets.

In other news, come see us perform a set of Jerome's beautiful music piece "The River" at Littlefield in Brooklyn on Thursday evening November 20th at 8pm for 8 bucks (  Our friends Scouts and sullivann (Catherine Brookman) will be playing beautiful sets also.

Then come see a new 10 minute snippet of AARON/MARIE on Monday December 8th at 8pm as part of Little Theatre at Dixon Place.