Tuesday, April 15, 2014


(Photo by Bailey Carr, BaileyDOTCOM.com)

Haven't updated this in over a year!

Right now composer Jerome Ellis and I are in the middle of making AARON/MARIE, our epic, multi-episode, sprawling electronic-music/storytelling show that we've been making for a year now.  It's co-directed by Annie Tippe and Rachel Chavkin, and designed by Joe Cantalupo.    

In the interim, we performed parts 1, 2, and 3 (about 80 minutes total) at Ars Nova's ANT Fest in June 2013.

Then Under The Radar at the Public Theater invited us to perform parts 1-3 again somewhat revised at Joe's Pub as part of their INCOMING series, which we did in August 2013 and it was great!

Then I performed a new solo-episode from the AARON/MARIE universe at Little Theatre at Dixon Place in September.

Then Jerome then performed a different new solo-episode at Prelude Festival in October, and I skyped in from Madrid (where I'm living until this July) and we did a talkback led by the wonderful Caleb Hammons.

Incredible photos from the Joe's Pub show by Bailey Carr (BaileyDOTCOM.com) are here.  She also did the photo up top.

I'm living in Madrid for now but will move back to New York in July (in the meantime we are having some excellent dropbox-rehearsals), and then we'll be workshopping the full shebang in August and fall.  See you then friends.